Who am I?

exploring Huaqiangbei, photo by sam

That’s a question that i have been trying to answer for years. My name is Nigel, my friends call me Nidge. I was born in Belize, moved to the U.S. when i was 7; and grew up in the suburbs of Houston. I am 34 years young, about to turn 35 this year. I am a college graduate, who majored in Advertising and Graphic Design. I have lived in 3 different cities around the world since 2016.

“i put off the dream of living and working abroad.”


After graduating college in fall of 2010, i spent a few years working different jobs, most of them leaving me feeling unfulfilled. It was in the last half of 2014, early 2015 that i started feeling a huge sense of dissatisfaction with my life; even though I was on a new career path as an art teacher. In the last year of my 7.5 year journey of university i had been watching a lot of YouTube videos about teaching in South Korea. But of course, life got in the way and i put off the dream of living and traveling abroad. Even though I was on a new career path i started feeling a “Pull” to change my life. I felt that i needed to revisit my dream and make it a reality. So, at the beginning of 2015 i started minimizing my personal belongings and working on gathering up the necessary documents.

“…i fell into depression and isolated myself from my friends and family.”


At the end of 2015 i quit my new job without having anything lined up and floated on my teachers pay until the end of October of that year. Earlier that year i was turned down for the EPIK (public school) program in South Korea. With this news i decided to pursue graduate school instead. That summer, jobless and feeling like my dream was ripped away, i fell into depression and isolated myself from my friends and family. A fact that i never told anyone. I spent most of the summer sleeping and watching reality tv (which i hate).

Around the middle of July i started feeling the “Pull” again. So, i started apply to different job boards and working on my qualifications. It was around late August that i was introduced to a recruiter and the idea of teaching in China. I had been so focused on the EPIK program and teaching only in the city of Seoul, Korea and not open to other options. When I felt the “Pull” i decided to take a look at teaching in hagwons (private schools). After a few hick ups with shady Korean recruiters and documents, i made a post on a Facebook group for blacklisted hagwons and recruiters in Korea. After a few minutes had gone by, I received a DM by another group patron who had had the same problems with the recruiters I had been using. He then introduced me to the recruiter who would later find me my next 3 jobs across South East Asia.

“….i opened up myself different possibilities in another country….”


To make a long story short i opened up myself to a different possibility in another country, went through with the interview, finished my qualifications, got a part-time job at my old retail company, and in February of 2016 i boarded a plane to Beijing, China. Since then i have lived and taught in Gimpo, South Korea and currently finishing my contract in Shenzhen, China. I have about 5 months left in my current contract and i’m starting to feel the “Pull” again. I am now wrestling with the though of home or Japan.